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L-force I/O systems

Compact and modular

The increasing level of automation in machines and systems and the consequent rise in the number of I/O devices have in turn increased the amount of wiring required. Decentralised I/O systems bring order to this chaos. Lenze offers two product concepts with IP 20 degree of protection which are suited to both simpler digital applications and more complex automation tasks.

Preview I/O-System 1000
The new I/O-System 1000 brings together a high level of functionality with a clever mechanical concept in an extremely compact design.
Preview Compact system
The compact version is available in 8, 16 and 32-channel modules with up to 24 inputs and 8 outputs, using single or three-wire technology.
Preview Modular system
The modular version consists of three components: a gateway, electronic modules and a backplane bus. Up to 32 elements can be combined as desired.
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инструменты контроля и измерения

термодатчики и RTD's

контроллеры генераторных установок

защита, контроль и измерения




  • Без контактные/лишенные трения  и версии с применением подшипников;
  • Революционные решения передачи данных  13 бит (8192 позиций );
  • Отличная защита от загрязнений  IP68;
  • Способность к работе при высоких скоростях до 30 000 оборотов в минуту;
  • Абсолютный промышленный стандарт аналоговых, цифровых  и линейных преобразователей вращения.