9400 Servo привод

Servo technology intelligently simplified

Let 9400 Servo Drives revolutionise your servo technology – all you need to do is click.

Click – The innovative assembly concept
9400 Servo Drives cannot fail to impress thanks to a revolutionary electromechanical assembly concept. Installation, assembly and application have been made easier than ever by breaking the link between installation backplane and drive electronics.

Click – A modular structure
Tailoring the modular drive system to your application is easy. We would be delighted to do this for you and supply you with a tested complete system which you will simply need to install and put into operation.

Preview StateLine 9400 Servo Drives
The high-speed servo controller for central control tasks has the standardised DS402 / IEC 61800-7-2 device profile.
Preview HighLine 9400 Servo Drives
The new servo controller for simple and complex drive tasks. Designed for decentralised control tasks. Its power, function and equipment can be scaled.
Preview Drive based safety
Its application defines the safety functions needed.







инструменты контроля и измерения

термодатчики и RTD's

контроллеры генераторных установок

защита, контроль и измерения




  • Без контактные/лишенные трения  и версии с применением подшипников;
  • Революционные решения передачи данных  13 бит (8192 позиций );
  • Отличная защита от загрязнений  IP68;
  • Способность к работе при высоких скоростях до 30 000 оборотов в минуту;
  • Абсолютный промышленный стандарт аналоговых, цифровых  и линейных преобразователей вращения.